Undergraduate Research Program


Norwich Undergraduate Research Fellowship Awardees and mentors - 2014

2014 Student Research Fellows and Faculty Mentors

Undergraduate Research opportunities funded internally by Norwich University include support for students to present papers at professional meetings, support for expenses associated with original research, scholarship or creative work projects, and summer research fellowships. For current students and faculty, an overview of these opportunities can be found at https://norwich0.sharepoint.com/sites/oar/ur/SitePages/Home.aspx.

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program funds faculty-mentored student research projects in both 10-week and 6-week formats. Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to support research, creative, and scholarly projects. Fellowships are not awarded for work leading directly to completion of the student’s degree. Each recipient of a 10-week fellowship receives a $4,400 stipend. Those awarded 6-week fellowships receive a $2,600 stipend. Faculty mentors receive stipends of $1,500 and $1,000 respectively. The Summer Research Fellowship Program is financially supported by the Chase Endowment for Academic Excellence and the Weintz Research Scholars Program. Undergraduates can apply for Summer Fellowships through the completion of a research proposal. The proposal must be written by the student with guidance from his or her faculty mentor. For current students and faculty, access to the research proposal can be found at https://norwich0.sharepoint.com/sites/oar/ur/SitePages/Home.aspx.

The Undergraduate Research Program also sponsors an annual Undergraduate Research Symposium each fall (Students to Scholars) and a Student Scholarship Celebration Week each spring.

For questions about the Undergraduate Research Program, please contact Dr. Megan Doczi, acting Undergraduate Research Program Director, at undergraduateresearch@norwich.edu.

Undergraduate Research Committee Members

The Committee consists of two faculty member selected from each undergraduate college. The Director is an ex-officio member of the Committee.

College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Emily Meyer
Dr. Kyle Pivetti

College of Science & Mathematics
Dr. Addie Armstrong
Dr. Chris Koteas

College of Professional Schools
Dr. Nadia Al-Aubaidy
Dr. Huw Read

Program Structure

Undergraduate Research Program Director
The Director promotes original research and scholarly work by students and coordinates the efforts of the Undergraduate Research Program. The responsibilities of the Director include:
• assessing the needs of the students;
• developing programs to meet those needs;
• facilitating access to resources to meet those needs;
• conducting yearly evaluations of the Program;
• facilitating the campus-wide undergraduate research activities;
• administering programs such as Student Travel Grants, Student Research Grants, Summer Research Fellowships, and Undergraduate Ambassadors.

The Director is a teaching member of the tenure-track faculty, and the appointment carries quarter release. The qualifications for the position are:
• experience in undergraduate research;
• administrative experience; and
• effective communication skills.

The SVPAA and Dean of the Faculty appoints the Director after consultation with Undergraduate Research Committee members.

Undergraduate Research Committee
The Committee consists of two faculty member selected from each undergraduate college. The Director is an ex-officio member of the Committee. At the May meeting, the Committee elects a Chair.
The Committee will:
• make decisions on annual allocations for Student Travel Grants and Summer Research Grants;
• recommend recipients for Undergraduate Research Fellowships to the SVPAA and Dean of the Faculty;
• organize and facilitate on-campus undergraduate research activities;
• disseminate guidelines to students and faculty concerning the application process for funding opportunities through the Undergraduate Research Program.


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