Program Mission

General Information

The Student Research Program supports the involvement of students in original research, scholarship and creative work. Funding opportunities include Student Travel Grants, Student Research Grants, and Summer Research Fellowships. The VPAA and Dean of the Faculty, the Director of Student Research, and the Student Research Committee collaboratively administer the program.

The Student Research Program provides opportunities for students to:

  • pursue research, scholarship and creative projects in collaboration with faculty;
  • exchange information with other researchers at professional meetings; and
  • communicate the results of their work with the University community.

Director of Student Research

The Director promotes original research and scholarly work by students and coordinates the efforts of the Student Research Program. The responsibilities of the Director include:

  • assessing the needs of the students;
  • developing programs to meet those needs;
  • facilitating access to resources to meet those needs;
  • conducting yearly evaluations of the Program;
  • facilitating the Student Research Poster Program, and the Spring Scholarship Celebration; and
  • administering the programs for Student Travel Grants, Student Research Grants, and Summer Research Fellowships.

The Director is a tenured teaching member of the faculty. The qualifications for the position are:

  • experience in student research;
  • administrative experience; and
  • effective communication skills.

The VPAA and Dean of the Faculty appoints the Director after consultation with Student Research Committee members.

Student Research Committee

The Committee consists of one faculty member selected from each School (excluding National Services). The Director is an ex-officio member of the Committee. At the May meeting, the Committee elects a Chair.

The Committee will:

  • make decisions on annual allocations for Student Travel Grants and Summer Research Grants;
  • recommend recipients for Summer Research Fellowships to the VPAA and Dean of the Faculty;
  • support on-campus activities; and
  • disseminate guidelines to students and faculty concerning the application process for funding opportunities through the Student Research Program.

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