Submitting a Proposal

Student Travel Grants

Submission deadline based on activity schedule

Student Travel Grants provide funding to students for presentations and active participation at workshops, seminars, conferences, special courses, and professional meetings. Grants are potentially funded up to 100% for registration costs, fees, meals, lodging, and transportation to support presentations. Students may apply for funds retroactively within a given budget year.

Applying for Funds

  • Complete a Student Travel Grant Application (PDF).
  • Have the form signed by your Faculty Sponsor and Chair/Director.
  • Send the form, along with information about the activity (brochure showing costs), to the Director of Student Research.

Final Accounting

  • Prepare a list of expenses for the activity on a University Travel Expense Voucher within 10 days after completion of the activity (forms available in School offices). This voucher must have the following:
    • an itemized list of all expenses (in the case of mileage, include the number of miles traveled);
    • original receipts for all expenses (including meals); and
    • a copy of the letter authorizing funds from the Director.
  • Send the voucher, with all the attachments, to the Director.

Research Grants

Submission deadline: none

Students, in collaboration with their sponsoring faculty, may request funds to help defray expenses directly incurred during research and scholarly projects involving original inquiry and a specified product.

Proposals are submitted to the Director following the format outlined in a Research Grant Application (PDF), accompanied by a Student Research Endorsement. (PDF)

Summer Research Fellowships

Submission deadline Round Two: April 11, 2014

Summer Research Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to support research and creative or scholarly projects, but not for work leading to completion of the student’s degree. Students may apply for these faculty-mentored fellowships at either a 10-week or a 6-week commitment level.

Proposals following the format described in the Summer Research Fellowship Application, (PDF) are submitted by the student applicant to the Director of Student Research by the submission deadline. All proposals should be prepared with guidance and support from the Faculty Mentor who will be engaged in supervising the student’s work.

Student Research Fellows receive a stipend and are expected to work full-time on their research projects for a period of 6 or 10 weeks, as applicable. Students may not work another job during their funded period. Faculty Mentors also receive a stipend. Following review of all proposals, the Student Research Committee submits a rank-ordered list through the Director to the SVPAA and Dean of the Faculty for final selection of fellows.

Application Policies and Procedures

  • Completed Summer Research Fellowship Application (PDF) are submitted as saved (not scanned) PDFs to the Director at, accompanied by a Student Research Endorsement (PDF). All proposals for Round Two are to be submitted by April 11, 2014.
  • Proposals are evaluated based on
    • quality of the proposal;
    • demonstration of commitment to the proposal;
    • necessary qualifications for its completion;
    • significance to applicants long-term interests and goals;
    • contribution to the applicant’s discipline;
    • benefit to Norwich University; and
    • feasibility of the time frame.
  • During the 6-to-10 week period, Student Research Fellows are expected to:
    • Work on campus or in research field/laboratory (housing provided);
    • Participate in weekly Brown Bag Discussions with other Summer Scholars;
    • Work closely with their mentors, meeting at least once a week to discuss progress;
    • It is expected that full-time effort will be devoted to these 6-week and 10-week projects. All Student Research Fellows are required to present professional posters at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration in the fall, and at the Student Scholarship Celebration in the spring.
  • Upon completion of the 6-to-10 week Fellowship, Student Research Fellows are expected to:
    • Write a report detailing their results for the funded period;
    • Compose a power point slide advertising their project for display on the Norwich University screens;
    • Present a professional poster at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration in the fall and the Student Scholarship Celebration in the spring;
    • Participate in the NU Undergraduate Research Symposium in December.

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