Finding a second home – Henny

August 29, 2017

Written by Henny

I would like to begin this journal entry with a huge thank you to Nicolina. Not only for this opportunity, but for teaching me that there is more to life than just a degree and a “good paying job”. When I arrived I couldn’t stop myself from crying. It wasn’t because of culture shock, it was mainly around the idea that everyone who surrounded me shared something in common. The color of our skin. Yes it may sound a bit weird or “in-educated” of me to say that, but for the first time in my life I felt as if I belonged. I got stares that ended with beautiful smiles and hand waves, something that I am not familiar with. Once we arrived to Pommerin I knew that I was right where I belonged. The constant laughter, singing, and dancing is everything and more than I expected. I spent one afternoon with two young girls who changed my life forever. Angel and Trainess and I sat outside and attempted to teach each other the names of animals. I would recite the animal in English, then they would translate it to Swahili. I tried my hardest and they found it hysterical. At one point each of the girls held one of my hands as we looked out into the cornfield. I was at that moment that I noticed how extremely fortunate I was; holding their hands I was the luckiest girl on the planet. I was lucky enough to sit next to and hold hands with two of the purest souls I have ever met, and that feeling is an indescribable one that leaves me speechless. A wise man told me “Everyone here, in Tanzania thinks with their heart. We may not have everything, but we have each other” -(Vicent). I will never forget those words.

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