Let’s Fly Away -Abby Joyal

June 22, 2017

On Wednesday June 21, Jake Apthorpe (class of ’17) and Abby Joyal (class of ’18) will be off to Tanzania to continue working with a group called Upendo Mmoja. Students from Norwich have been working with this group since 2012, building relationships with members of the community and helping them build a Residential and Vocational Training Center for orphaned youth. Jake and Abby pitched the idea to the CCE director, Nicole DiDomenico, at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. They asked to go ahead of the group and spend an extended period of time in the small village in order to be more productive once the larger group arrives. They will be gathering supplies for the barn that will be built by a group of Norwich and Northfield High School students, doing some landscaping around the Center, teaching computer skills and spending time with the members of the community learning their way of life.

As Jake and I sit at the airport waiting to board our flight, we are extremely grateful for all the support we receive from family and friends as we go on such an amazing adventure. We cannot wait to arrive in Tanzania and hit the ground running!

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