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Internal Funding

Norwich University prides itself on its reputation as a teaching institution with high academic standards, a continuously evolving curriculum, and a commitment to developing innovative approaches to teaching. Internal resources to meet these goals include Curriculum Development Grants and Curriculum Development Fellowships, as described in Academic Memorandum #14 of the Faculty Manual.

Release-Time Program

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the resources needed for faculty to maintain their vibrancy, the VPAA has recently developed a new initiative funded by the Chase Endowment for Academic Excellence, titled the Regular Faculty Release-Time Program.

To enhance the professional productivity Regular faculty members by providing 25% release time from teaching in a single semester in order to work on a scholarly project related their professional development.
All Regular faculty.
Applications due to the AVPR by Feb. 1, 2008, and awards will be announced Feb. 18, 2008.

Please follow the attached application instructions carefully, and consult AVPR Dave Westerman,, if you have questions. The application procedures described in the attached document were modeled after NU’s ISL application process. Regarding the “Terminal Report” section of App. D, please structure your text so that reviewers can understand how this limited amount of release-time will have an impact on moving your project forward, how this project will ultimately be completed, and how it will be shared with your peers through publication or another appropriate venue. Please note that an evaluation letter by your School Dean is required, and you should consult with your Dean in advance.

If your project requires additional financial support, consider submitting a Research Grant proposal separately, following the guidelines of Academic Memorandum #14 of the Faculty Manual.

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