Honors Program

Norwich University began its Honors Program in the 2011–2012 academic year.

The Honors Program supports an enriched academic experience for selected outstanding students. The program provides a framework for exploration of the complexity of the world’s most challenging problems through an applied experiential learning process.

The program offers an academic experience encompassing the following core elements:

  • Customized opportunities for enhanced academic growth
  • Learning community of like-minded peers
  • One-on-one faculty mentorship over participant’s tenure in the program
  • Individualized hands-on research experience
  • Prestigious Honors Designation upon graduation

In addition to the Honors Program, Norwich University recognizes academic excellence in many ways, including a variety of awards presented to outstanding students at convocation and graduation ceremonies. Many discipline-specific Honors Societies maintain active chapters on campus, providing students with further academic growth and recognition opportunities.

The Program

The mission of the Honors Program is to support an enriched University experience for highly motivated students with demonstrated academic abilities and strong interests in research, service and leadership.

  • We challenge students to explore the complexity of the modern world’s problems through an inter-disciplinary approach.
  • Our method centers around a hands-on experiential learning process that demands asking questions, conceiving ideas, creating an execution plan and acting on it.

The Honors Program is guided by the mission of Norwich University:

To give our youth an education that shall be American in character—to enable them to act as well as to think— to execute as well as to conceive—to tolerate all opinions when reason is left free to combat them—to make moral, patriotic, efficient, and useful citizens, and to qualify them for all those high responsibilities resting upon a citizen of this free republic.

During their tenure at the University, Honors Students will be required to participate in specially designed courses that prepare them to conduct independent research under the oversight of a faculty mentor. This experience will culminate in the completion and defense of an Honors Thesis/Project, the capstone requirement for all Honors Graduates.

Honors Students will be able to take advantage of special opportunities on and off campus to enhance their undergraduate education and prepare for graduate work and professional careers.

This merit-based program is highly selective. Invitations to participate will be made to no more than 25 students per entering class with a total enrollment not exceeding 100 students.


Dr. Darlene Olsen, Director

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