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We’ll teach you the leadership skills to get yourself and your team to the top.

At Norwich University, we believe the basis of great leadership is a set of strong leadership skills that can be learned through lectures and practical exercises. We also recognize that you must understand both yourself and your team members to be an effective leader. Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses is an essential step in accessing your potential for great leadership.

However, having the skills and self-recognition of a leader is only part of the equation. Great leadership takes practice. Anyone can pick up an instrument and make sound. But it takes practice to make music. At Norwich, we provide both the opportunity to practice leadership and the mentorship to learn from the experience.

Great leadership requires not just sound decision-making, but the willingness to make those decisions in a timely manner. Leaders should be risk-conscious but not risk-averse. Leaders trained at Norwich understand the importance of knowing when a decision needs to be made and have had practical experience doing so.

Over the course of four years, Leader Training at Norwich takes a practical and empowered approach to produce outstanding civilian and military leaders for our nation and the world.

Round out your leadership experience by completing your leadership e-portfolio and applying for the Advanced Leader Certification, a recognition presented at graduation.

At Norwich, we help students become the Leaders of Character that are needed in the world today. We forge Leaders who have the moral fortitude and personal courage to make hard decisions for the teams they lead in both the civilian and military sectors.


 How do I get started?

You must pre-register for seminars you wish to attend. There are limited seats for each seminar and will not run with less than 10 participants.  You must attend all four sessions in order to receive credit for completion of the seminar towards your Advance Leader Certification.


Please check back in August for the fall seminar schedule!


Please contact Katherine Collins for more information or if you have questions.

Leadership and Life Skills Office | Wise Campus Center 213 | kcollin2@norwich.edu | 802.485.2483

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Tracey Poirier
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