Step 2: Ascend Leader

Ascend Year leaders focus on understanding themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses as well as a basic understanding of the values and character of our communities.

Leadership 201

Leadership 201 is a 0-credit voluntary activity delivered online using NUoodle. The requirements include completing the Jung-typology (MBTI short version), familiarization with the US Constitution and will include financial literacy  and etiquette (currently in development). This course is self-paced. **Required for Advanced Leader Certification.**

Ascend Seminar (Personal Mastery)

This seminar is made up of four 2-hour blocks of instruction that will be offered several times each semester. The seminar will focus on understanding of self within the context of social and leadership styles. Topics include Refining your Leadership Philosophy, Personal Accountability, Victim vs. Victor thinking, and MBTI. ** This seminar or an approved Alternate Path is required for the Advanced Leader Certification.**

See home page for upcoming seminar dates


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