Step 1: Base Leader

The Base Year of the program, in the form of Leadership 101, focuses on creating the academic and theoretical base for future leadership opportunities.

Leadership 101

Leadership 101 is a 1-credit course delivered online using the moodle digital learning platform. The course will cover leadership theory and concepts and will include assignments such as leadership theory guided discussion, creating a personal leadership philosophy, and leadership group project. This course is taught online by adjunct faculty. **This course is a graduation requirement**

The skills learned in this year form the basis of this progressive program and will be practiced in subsequent years.

Frequently Asked Questions for Leadership 101

What is LD101?

LD101, Norwich Principles of Leadership Mastery, is a one-credit online introductory seminar targeted to all undergraduate students (Corps, civilian and commuter students) as part of the Leader Development Program. This leadership seminar is a graduation requirement of all Norwich University undergraduate students who declare the 2015/16 catalog or later.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors may also enroll in this online seminar. Participation in this and other leadership learning opportunities on campus will be considered as additional qualification for leadership positions within the campus community. Furthermore, LD101 is transcripted proof of leadership development during your University career that you will be able to market once you have graduated.

Course Description

This seminar will address the foundational aspects of leadership in developing collaborative relationships within today’s organizations. Topics covered include: defining and understanding leadership, the examination of personal leadership mastery, development of interpersonal relationships and effective teams, and how to effectively adapt one’s personal capacity for leading today. To learn more about this seminar, please view the 2015/16 Course Catalog.

Upon completion of the seminar, students will be able to define the qualities of effective leadership; discuss traits and characteristics of personal leadership mastery; apply interpersonal relationship learning to increase effective team development; and explain how adapting to changing dynamics is associated with leading teams.

LD101 Enrollment

Freshmen students should meet with their Academic Advisor who will provide students a PIN# required to add/drop any class. Students will log in to BannerWeb using the PIN# to add LD101. Three sections of this seminar will be offered in Fall 2015 semester. The CRN numbers for these sections are: 41146, 41147, and 41148.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in enrolling in this seminar may also enroll in this seminar with their PIN#. The seminar may be added to the student’s fall semester schedule if the student enrolls by September 8th at 4:30 p.m.

Online Course Access

LD101 is delivered online using the NUoodle digital learning platform. Students enrolled in this seminar will see this seminar on their class list in NUoodle. To access NUoodle, go to and click on the NUoodle tab at the top of the screen. Locate the LD101 seminar and click to open it. Once you are in the seminar, you will be able to see the instructor’s direction for participation in the seminar.

If you are having trouble logging in to, contact the Helpdesk at (802) 485-2456 or You can also visit their service window in Partridge Hall, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

NOTE: LD101 help sessions will be available once a week during evening study hours and all enrolled students will be notified via email of the session dates and times.

Required Readings

Select required readings are provided as an introduction to the weekly topic. All required articles and reports used in the course will be available online. Additional research is welcome, expected and can be accessed through Kreitzberg Library databases and other Internet sources.

Required Textbooks

There are no required textbooks selected for this introductory seminar.

Seminar Assignments

Assignments will include leadership theory guided discussions, creating a personal, values-based leadership philosophy and approach, and a leadership group project. Weekly reflective journaling is also a requirement of this seminar.

Faculty Overview

The faculty facilitating this seminar is associated with Norwich University’s Master of Science in Leadership program. An impressive group of scholarly practitioners with extensive leadership experience and expertise in the military, business and non-profit sectors, combined with their Doctorate or Master’s degree in leadership or a related discipline, faculty will help this seminar make your Norwich experience a life-changing leadership opportunity.

LD101 Enrollment

Three sections will be conducted in Fall 2015 semester; additional sections will be held in Spring 2016. A 10-week summer session will also be scheduled for summer 2016. Students enrolled in the summer session will not be required to be on campus during the session. There is no additional cost to students who elect to enroll in this seminar in the summer 2016 session. If enrollment in LD 101 places a student over 19 credits, additional tuition will not be charged.

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