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Keep an eye on the News so you know what to expect when visiting during the renovation. We will provide updates on noise levels and access to spaces and materials, as well as fun facts and photos.

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The way information is accessed and shared has changed dramatically since the Kreitzberg Library was designed 25 years ago. Through enhanced technology and more flexible spaces and furniture, the renovated library will provide tools to share information, as well as foster new collaborative learning styles. We want a library that is busy, social, bright, open, and student-focused, but still maintains quiet spaces. These changes will be made while being respectful to our beautiful building and ready for Fall 2015.


Currently the library can seat about 10% of the student population at any given time. The renovation will bring this up to over 18%. As the seat count increases, the types and distribution of furniture will evolve with significantly more comfy seats, open table setups, and group study rooms, but less carrels.

Group Study Rooms

The renovation includes a dramatic increase in the number of group study rooms from two to 11. These spaces will be available on the Mezzanine, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. There will be online group study room reservations, availability screens at the room doors, and a main availability screen on the 1st floor so you can easily see what rooms are available.

Enhanced & Collaborative Technology

A key goal of the renovation is upgrading and leveraging technology. The project thus includes a 10 times increase in data speed and capacity — the fastest on campus! Group study rooms and open areas will have collaborative tools for sharing screens, while instruction spaces will feature technology not available elsewhere.


The northeast corner of the 1st floor (currently the Circulation Desk) will be converted into a café! Details about the café vendor, offerings, and hours of operation are still TBD.

New Instruction Spaces

The renovation introduces two true instruction spaces, which the building currently lacks. These spaces will be on either end of the Mezzanine and used by library faculty and staff for library instruction, as well as by teaching faculty for specialized instruction. The south pod space will feature wireless collaborative technology for team based learning, while the north pod space will offer ultimate flexibility.

Single Service Point Library Help Desk

The Circulation and Reference Desks will be consolidated into a single service point in front of the grand stairs. Students and faculty will be able to get research help, pick up reserve and interlibrary loan items, and check out materials from this single location situated between computer stations.

Improved Space for Counseling and the Academic Achievement Center

The 4th floor is seeing one of the most significant transformations. This space will be opened up as a hub for collaborative learning. Further, more adequate office, tutoring, and testing space for the Academic Achievement Center are being added, as well as a centralized waiting area and offices for the Counseling Center.

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