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Course reserves are an extension of the classroom. We are happy to provide this service, but effective operation depends on the active cooperation of teaching faculty.

Our Reserves Policy

Our course reserve service is for Norwich faculty to place course materials on reserve for their students. Reserve materials:

  • Are usually in demand by many students over a short period of time and must be checked out for only a few hours or days
  • Allow faculty to provide students with access to items not in the library’s collection, such as personal books and audiovisual works
  • Must adhere to U.S. Copyright Law*
  • Are covered under the Confidentiality of Kreitzberg Library Records policy. We cannot let you know who has checked out or not checked out reserve materials.

Putting Materials on Reserve

What Can Be Put on Reserve

  • Library or personally-owned books, videos, CDs, DVDs and copyright compliant photocopies
  • No more than three copies of the same text (shelf space is limited)

Please bring your fully-prepared reserve materials to the library at least 48 hours before your students will expect to use them.

What You Need to Do

  1. Reserve Material Form
    Please complete and sign a Reserve Material Form, listing all items you will be placing on reserve. List the items in the same manner that you will instruct your students to ask for them. By signing the Reserve Material Form, this assures you are aware of the provisions of copyright law and your reserves are in compliance. Contact the Intellectual Property Committee Chair questions regarding copyright law. Please do not have workstudy students sign this form.
  2. Photocopied Materials
    • All photocopied materials must be neat, legible, not torn, and in compliance with copyright law.
    • All photocopies must be noted with the faculty member’s name, and course number.
    • Photocopied articles and book excerpts must also be marked with its full bibliographic citation (author, title, volume, date, pages, etc). (Copyright permission must be obtained from the publisher by the professor for any materials placed on reserve for more than one semester.)
    • If you use book excerpts from the same books each semester you teach a particular course, you may request the library purchase a copy or two the book for future reserve use—this would eliminate any copyright issues. (This does not pertain to textbooks.)
  3. Library Materials
    Please gather together the library items you would like on reserve for your class. When available, library staff can assist you.
  4. Personal Materials
    Please mark these with your name. You may request the library purchase copies of these items if you intend to use them each semester you teach the course they are on reserve for.

What Library Staff Does

  1. Upon acceptance, the library will take your materials and further prepare them for Reserve. A barcode and a reserve sticker will be attached to all reserve items; all personally owned materials and photocopied materials will be cataloged into our system; and organized to best serve the students.
  2. All reserve materials will remain on reserve for the semester unless you pick them up beforehand. At the end of each semester, all items will be removed from the reserve room. Library materials will be returned to the stacks and personal copies will be returned to you. If you would like your materials to remain on reserve for the next semester, please notify the Circulation Manager at x2176 before the end of the semester.

If you determine permission is necessary, you will need to contact the rights holder. We have an example permission letter of what to send a copyright holder or you can compose your own.

Most publications contain a copyright notification listing the copyright holder and the publisher’s address is usually listed. Addresses may also be found in the Serials Directory.

Additional Resources on Copyright

Books in the Kreitzberg Library

*The library also uses the American Library Association’s Model Policy Concerning College and University Photocopying for Classroom and Library Reserve Use (1982) as a guideline in providing reserve services.

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