Semester Course Use Award

Faculty awarded the Library Instruction Room – Semester Course Use Award will receive full use of one of the Library Instruction Rooms for one course section for the duration of the semester. To receive the Award, faculty must complete a proposal submission form demonstrating distinct plans for taking advantage of the functionality of the Room.

Spring 2018 Award Winners

  • North Instruction Room
    • Megan Doczi (BI 420: Diseases of the Nervous System)
    • Susan Romans (EN 112: Public Speaking)
    • Judith Stallings-Ward (IN 350: Imaging Global Migration Today)
  • South Instruction Room
    • Lili Martin (NR 341: Care of Children & Childrearing Families)
    • Michan Myer (EN 102: Literature & Composition II)
    • Darlene Olsen (MA 232: Elementary Statistics)
    • Aimee Vieira (SO 214: Racial & Cultural Minorities)
  • Archives Instruction Room
    • Tim Parker (FA 250/AP 403/AP 504: The Art of Peace and War)

Distribution of Awards

  • The number and distribution of Awards between the Rooms is dependent on the proposals received each semester.
  • Each Award will be in non-competing course meeting times.
  • Each Award is for one class section.
  • Starting in Fall 2016, additional awards have been selected for the Archives Instruction Room for faculty who plan to use archival materials in at least two class sessions.

Knowledge Sharing Requirement

Near the end of the semester, each Awardee will be required to host a brief (5 minute) presentation for the faculty to share about their experience, lessons learned, and what impact being in the space had on their teaching and student learning. This will be coordinated by the Library in collaboration with Faculty Development.

Awardees will also be expected to provide general feedback about the functionality of the Room to Library staff throughout the semester and immediately report any problems with technology.

Proposal Submission

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

  • Thoughtful Integration of Room Features – demonstrates use of classroom technology, maximizes potential of Room furniture (active learning in the South, flexible in the North)
  • Effects on Teaching and Learning – potential to enhance student learning, degree of innovation
  • Capacity for Success – feasibility of applying the teaching and learning strategies in the future and to other rooms, plan for implementation and prepared to share results
  • Library Instruction – if a class has a research paper/presentation component, shows interest in incorporating library instruction

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