The Sullivan Museum and History Center has accrued a collection for the interpretation of the history of Norwich University and the achievements of its alumni from 1819 to the present. It includes artifacts and artwork.

The collection includes historical items owned or created by Norwich University and its students, staff, trustees and alumni.

The permanent collection at the Sullivan Museum includes several broad collection categories:

  • Textiles:  Flags, banners, uniforms, patches, quilts, dolls, and insignia of patches and ribbons
  • Objects: Insignia of pins and medals; weaponry such as firearms, swords, sabers and knives;  academic paraphernalia such as the teaching tools of Norwich departments,  survey equipment, globes, chemical apparatus and aviation and military relics
  • Artwork:  Paintings, drawings, sculptures and handcrafted figurines
  • Archival collections: Maps, architectural blueprints and Norwich films, video and audio recordings (1920- present)

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