Upcoming Exhibitions


Upcoming Exhibitions

Explorers of Norwich: On Land and Sea


August 31, 2017-June 30, 2018 (Part One)

August 17, 2018-December 21, 2018 (Part Two)


Follow the Explorers of Norwich in the upcoming Fall Semester 2017.  The exhibition will focus on the truly amazing individuals who went out from Norwich following many different yet equally exciting career paths which shaped and changed our nation during the mid-19th and early 20th Centuries.  On view will be items reflecting the stories of the United States Exploring Expedition or The Wilkes Expedition, the Trans-continental Railroad, building of the Panama Railroad, the Rodgers-Ringgold Exploring Expedition, travels to the Northwest Passage and the interior of the newly acquired lands west of the Mississippi.  Follow Hiram Paulding, George M. and George P. Colvocoresses, George M. Totten, General Grenville Dodge, William Bretton Boggs, Truman Seymour and many others who traversed the nation, the continents and the world in search of new lands, new opportunities and new discoveries on behalf of the nation.  This exhibition is supported in part by the TAWANI Foundation and several major museums in the Northeast.  Part one opens in the Fall 2017.  Part Two will open during the late Summer of 2018.  A series of special Lunch and Learn programs will accompany the exhibition.  More to come!

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