Housing & meal rates

Meal services are not available during the Early Summer Session.

The rates below include both room and meals for a seven-day meal plan in the Wise Campus Center. The Summer Residence Hall will open at noon on May 15, May 30, and July 3, 2016.

Special session – May 15 to May 28
Course Single Room
(space available)
Double Room
*ID110 Ecology of the Connecticut River X $185
No meal service during this session.
Session I – May 30 to June 30
Single Room
(space available)
Double Room
$3,142 $2,123
Session II – July 3 to August 4
Single Room
(space available)
Double Room
$3,142 $2,1231

* ID 110 Geology and Ecology of the Connecticut River

  • Comprehensive fee for ID110 includes tuition, fees, equipment rental, transportation and food for the nine-day downriver trip.
  • Students must purchase their own text/manual.
  • The first 21 qualified students who deposit $100 with the Bursar will be allowed in the class.
  • Students must also register for the course.
  • Students should contact Professor Westerman (802.485.2337) for further information.

Norwich University reserves the right to change without notice fees and charges and any portion of the schedule.

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