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Summer Sessions and Courses

There are four sub-sessions within the entire Summer Session; a Special Summer Session and three longer sessions. The Special Session is two weeks, Session I is five weeks, Session II is five weeks and Session III is 10 weeks.

Exact dates and times for Summer Session Courses for each session are scheduled as listed on the Registrar’s Dates and Deadlines document (PDF). See the University Catalog course descriptions section for full course descriptions and information about prerequisites.

Summer Course Load

The maximum course load in Session I and II is seven credits per session as long as there is no enrollment in Session III. The maximum course load in Session III is 14 credits as long as there is no enrollment in Session I and II. Only one course is permitted during the “Early” session.

For enrollment in Session III with simultaneous enrollment in Session I or II, the credits in Session III divided by two when added to the credits in Session I or in Session II must add up to seven or less.

Students who wish to register for more than seven credits must complete and return an academic petition form (PDF) for approval by the Committee on Academic Standing and Degrees (CASD). Instructions are on the form.

Summer Tuition Payment

Students registering for Summer Session courses must complete and return the Bursar’s worksheet (PDF) with any required payments to the Bursar’s Office no later than two weeks before the start of each summer session.

The Bursar’s office is available Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4 pm at 802.485.2055, or in person at Jackman Hall, room 204 or via email at Students can visit the Bursar’s Office site for more information.

Summer Course Registration

In order to register for summer term, students must complete the Course Registration Form (PDF), a Bursar’s Summer School Worksheet (PDF) and, if you wish to apply for financial aid, the Financial Aid Application (PDF).

The Registrar’s Office will begin accepting the Course Registration Form on the date that fall registration opens for Seniors. The Registrar’s office requires the Bursar’s approval on forms received within two weeks from the start date of the course. To register for summer courses, download and complete a Course Registration Form (PDF) for each session. If you are taking more than one course in more than one session, you must submit more than one registration form.

Administrative Drop from Summer Courses

The Registrar’s Office runs a report to determine if students are enrolled in courses with prerequisites. If prerequisites are not met for Summer Session Course(s) the student will be administratively removed from the course. If a student’s Summer Session Course(s) is/are not paid for within two weeks of the start date the Bursar’s Office will request the Registrar to remove those students from the course.


Students can view Summer Session grades a day after the Grades Due date (PDF) as listed for each Session.

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